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Case Studies


Early diagnosis, whether in the environment or host is essential to prevent polycyclic disease at the outset and reduces risk of epidemics. See how as a leader in animal health diagnostics, Global Access Diagnostics (GADx) has supported major partners in the development of innovative rapid tests.

Screenshot 2022-06-30 135538.jpg

Working with the University of Liverpool, GADx (formerly Mologic) developed an innovative liver fluke test that enables farmers to rapidly detect Fasciola hepatica infection in sheep and cattle.

Did you know that on a global scale up to 40% of crops are lost to pests and diseases? This article provides an overview on the waste associated with farming, contributing to global food insecurity, and how on-site diagnostics can be part of the solution.  

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Screenshot 2022-06-30 135538.jpg

Botrytis bunch rot is a disease that still afflicts the wine industry. An estimated 25% of the globe’s $66 billion worth of wine grapes produced annually lost due to this disease! This article provides an in-depth look into how Botrytis adversely impacts the wine industry and solutions.

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