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Global Access Diagnostics (GADx)

GADx was established in 2022 as an innovative social enterprise that puts underserved communities above shareholders. Profit surplus will go to ensuring better access to quality diagnostics.

About GADx

Global Access Diagnostics (GADx) is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies. Leveraging our core technology platforms, we work with governments and international organisations, reinvesting our profits to deliver high quality and affordable diagnostics for everyone.

GADx's origins can be traced back to Mologic ltd, which was founded in 2003 by Paul Davis and Mark Davis. Paul Davis has deep knowledge of lateral flow technology as the only remaining practicing scientist from the original technology development team (Davis, May and Prior - 1989), that led to the creation of UniPath and the Clearblue brand for home pregnancy testing. 

Why GADx

1. R&D Leadership: Our 42 scientists are at the forefront of human, animal and agriculture diagnostics. We have participated in over 150 contract research projects and developed rapid diagnostic tests  for international organisations and underserved communities.

2. Manufacturing Prowess: Our novel manufacturing platform can produce over 1m tests per day. Our core strength is our ability to meet our partners’ needs. We can support accommodate one-off orders and scale-up for mass production.

3. Our Core Mission: This is what makes GADx different. All our surplus will be re-invested according to our mission. Our philanthropic activities include transferring diagnostics technology to low-income countries, delivering tests to communities in need, and developing diagnostic tests for neglected diseases and affordable diagnostics

Why Work With A Social Enterprise

Since 2022 GADx has been an official member of Social Enterprise UK. Our mission is to improve access to diagnostic tests in the Global South According to a 2021 Lancet report, nearly half of the world’s population have little or no access to diagnostics; and only 1-in-5 people in low and low-middle income countries have basic diagnostic tests.



By working with GADx, all surplus profits generated in commercial projects will be diverted towards improving access diagnostic tests. For more information about our philanthropic activities, please view our introduction video. 


Who Owns GADx


Global Access Diagnostics is owned by Global Access Health (GAH). GAH is a consortium of impact investors whose goal is to ensure sustainable access to health innovations. GAH beyond-profit biotechnology company, formed by a consortium of social impact investors. We’re the first to commit our profits to providing community access to affordable state-of-the-art medical technology, in particular for the Global South.

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